Arbour DAY

Its Arbour Day!1 August 2017 Arbour day is a day that is celebrated every  year on the 1st of August which encouragesindividuals and groups to plant trees. Though usually observed in the spring, the date varies, depending on climate and suitable planting season. This year in celebration of Arbour Day the DSG girls will be planting trees in order to sustain the amount of tries in our Earth. Lets make every day and Arbour Day!!!!
Grade 7 Fashion Show On the 21 of June, the Grade 7 girls modelled the dresses they had made out of recycled materials. It was loads of fun and everyone had a great time . Some were made out of plastic, others bottle tops and some were even made out of paper! The dresses were gorgeous. All of the dresses were unique and you could see each girls art style in them. We all had a great time modelling them and posing for the cameras. The grade 7's worked hard and the end result was fantastic!! Mrs Bosch was very happy and we were very proud of our creations. We have some future fashion designers amongst us. Well done everyone!!

Keep posted for pictures on the fashion show.
Grade 7 Science Expo 2017!!!!! Mikaela Collins 7X: For Mikaela's expo she created a easy, cheap, solar powered system of desalinating water for drought stricken areas. Cheylla Ioannides 7X: For Cheylla's expo she created a wind turbine out of recyclable materials which will help people who live in windy regions so they don't have to rely on burning fossil fuels to get electricity.

Sasha-Lee Vorster 7Y:
For Sasha's expo she 3D printed a fake fish to prove that real fish could be 3D printed in order to sustain the amount of fish in the ocean.  

Environmental Days

What is World Environmental Day?
World Environmental Day is on the 5th of June, where people around the world celebrate this day and appreciate the environment around them. It first started in 1972 when people first realized that we spend to much time working and rushing around we are never able to stop and look around and appreciate the beautiful nature around us. This day reminds us how grateful we should be for sunny skies, babbling brooks, and phenomenal flowers. During this day people should really look deep into nature and spend time learning and appreciating it. I feel that if we can make an exception for one day to celebrate nature we can do it everyday. Lets make today and everyday a World Environment Day!!
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